United Nations Security Council Resolution 541

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UN Security Council
Resolution 541
TRNC location.png
Northern Cyprus
Date18 November 1983
Meeting no.2,500
CodeS/RES/541 (Document)
Voting summary
13 voted for
1 voted against
1 abstained
Security Council composition
Permanent members
Non-permanent members

United Nations Security Council resolution 541, adopted on 18 November 1983, after reaffirming Resolution 365 (1974) and Resolution 367 (1975), the Council considered Northern Cyprus' decision to declare independence legally invalid.

It called upon both parties to cooperate with the Secretary-General, and urged other Member States not to recognise Northern Cyprus, while only recognising the Republic of Cyprus as the sole authority on the island.

The resolution was adopted by 13 votes to one against (Pakistan) and one abstention from Jordan.


United Nations' International Court of Justice decided in 2010 that "International law contains no prohibition on declarations of independence".[1]

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