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Unity Day is an annual celebration held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, usually along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The event promotes unity among family as well as peace among people of all walks of life. Unity Day events and activities focus on family values and multiculturalism. The event provides positive entertainment and information for all ages.


The event is sponsored by Philadelphia's WDAS-FM radio station, Southwest Airlines, Chrysler, the Pennsylvania Lottery, VH1 Soul, Western Union, and 20 other companies to provide food, vendors, art exhibitions, literary workshops, a softball game, children's activities, and free music performances.

The 29th annual event was held on August 19, 2007.[1] The 30th annual event, billed as Unity Weekend, was held August 23-24, 2008, at Penn's Landing.[2]

In 2009, Unity Day was held August 23, returned to the Ben Franklin Parkway.[3] It was also no longer affiliated with WDAS-FM, after Clear Channel Communications ceased sponsoring the event.[4]


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