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Universidad del Cine
Other name
Type Private
Established 1991 (1991)
Founder Manuel Antin
Rector Manuel Antín
Address Dr. José Modesto Giuffra 330, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Language Spanish
Colors Orange     , black     

Universidad del Cine (FUC) is a private not-for-profit university located in the neighbourhood of San Telmo in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was founded in 1991 by Manuel Antin,[1] who currently serves as Rector. The school offers undergraduate, graduate and post graduate programmes focused in film and media arts.

About the Universidad del Cine[edit]

Since its creation, Universidad del Cine proposed to itself three ambitious goals: to generate an space of creation which could make easier the appearance and realization of new projects; to give hierarchy to cinematographic education, inserting it in the framework of an integral and humanistic education; and become into a production center to deepen its educational action and make possible the insertion of its students in the professional field. Established in San Telmo, the historical quarter of Buenos Aires, we spread, from our beginning, a constant activity that gave urge to the Argentinean cinema.

Schools and studies[edit]

School of Cinematography (Facultad de Cinematografía)[2][edit]

  • Degree programs:
  • Directing (Dirección de Cinematografía)
  • Screenwriting (Guión Cinematográfico)
  • Lighting and Camera (Iluminación y Cámara Cinematográficas)
  • Scenography and Costume (Escenografía y Vestuario Cinematográficos)
  • Film Editing (Compaginación Cinematográfica)
  • Producing (Producción Cinematográfica)
  • History, Theory and Film Criticism (Historia, Teoría y Crítica Cinematográficas)
  • Animation and Multimedia (Cine de Animación y Multimedia)
  • Post Degree programs:
  • Master in documentary filmmaking (Maestría encine documental)

School of Communication (Facultad de Comunicación)[3][edit]

  • Degree programs:
  • Visual Arts (Artes Visuales)
  • Graphic Design (Diseño Gráfico)
  • Educational Processes (Procesos Educativos)

Film Production[edit]

Each year the Universidad del Cine produces more than 150 short films, documentaries and web series. From 1996 to 2008 produced six feature films directed by students:

After 2008 the Universidad del Cine gives support to students for the production of theirs own features films.

Infrastructure and resources[edit]

The Universidad del Cine is equiped for the production and post production of image and sound in professional video formats, S16mm and 35mm film. It stands out the Laboratory for the process of 16mm. color negative film. This is the only 16mm. non-profit laboratory in Latin America. Its work is oriented to academic and experimental productions. The Universidad del Cine has two filming sets, traditional and digital animation workshops and an auditorium and screening room. Its Library and Video Library is specialized in audiovisual arts, focusing on Argentine cinema. It has about 12,000 bibliographic items and 7,000 video titles.

Student interchange agreements[edit]

The Universidad del Cine celebrated student interchange agreements with other film schools:











Autorities of the Universidad del Cine[edit]

  • Rector: Manuel Antin
  • Vice Rector: Arq. Mario A. Santos
  • Academic Secretary: Prof. Graciela Fernández Toledo
  • Head of International Affairs: Arq. María Marta Antin
  • Technical Secretary: Lic. Blanca Carballo

Notable alumni[edit]

  • Lisandro Alonso
  • Marco Berger
  • Alejandro Brodersohn
  • Albertina Carri
  • Verónica Cura
  • Mariano De Rosa
  • Paz Encina
  • Pablo Giorgelli
  • Nicolás Goldbart
  • Javier Juliá
  • Ana Katz
  • Marcelo Lavintman
  • Mariano Llinás
  • Pablo José Meza
  • Santiago Mitre
  • Rodrigo Moreno
  • Milagros Mumenthaler
  • Celina Murga
  • Andy Muschietti
  • Hernán Mussaluppi
  • Bill Nieto
  • Matías Piñeiro
  • Alex Piperno
  • Salvador Roselli
  • Ariel Rotter
  • Nicolás Saad
  • Natalia Smirnoff
  • Bruno Stagnaro
  • Damián Szifrón
  • Pablo Trapero
  • Teddy Williams


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