University Hospital of Zürich

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University Hospital of Zurich
Zuerich Kantonsspital Notaufnahme.jpg
The entrance of the emergency department of the University Hospital of Zurich
Location Zürich, Switzerland
Hospital type Teaching
Affiliated university University of Zurich
Emergency department Yes

The University Hospital of Zurich (German: Universitätsspital Zürich, USZ) is one of five university hospitals in Switzerland.[1]

The first hospital in Zürich, from which the current hospital derives, is recorded as having existed as early as 1204. The name, location and buildings have since changed many times. As of 2008, the hospital employs an approximate staff of 8,000 (1'200 doctors, 2'400 care professionals, 980 medical-technical and medical-therapeutic specialists) providing medical care to 134,000 ambulant and over 35,000 stationary patients each year in 42 clinics.[2][3][4]

Scientists and physicians of international renown who have practiced at the hospital include Ferdinand Sauerbruch, Adriano Aguzzi and Rolf M. Zinkernagel; the latter received a Nobel Prize for research done at the hospital.

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