Univox Coily

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Univox Coily
Period1965? — 1972?
Body typethinline hollowbody[1]
Neck jointBolt-on[1][2]
BridgeFloating roller style with Bigsby style tailpiece
Pickup(s)Two single-coil Two humbuckers (Phase 3-4)
Colors available
Orange sunburst, red, black, and green
Two Univox Coily guitars showing the red and green sunburst finishes

A Univox Coily is a hollow body electric guitar manufactured by Matsumoku and sold under the Univox brand. It is nearly identical to the Epiphone EA-250 guitar also made by Matsumoku. The guitar featured two pickups, a floating roller bridge, and a Bigsby-style tailpiece.


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  2. ^ Michael Wright. "Univox Effie". univox.org. The Effie was a thinline hollowbody guitar (U1935), a copy of the Epiphone Casino. Like the Casino, it has no center block, ... It had a bolt on neck, rosewood fretboard, same head as Badazz, outline decal logo, two 12-pole humbuckers, finetune bridge, fancy harp tailpiece, elevated pickguard, 2 volumes and tones. ...