Urban Airship

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Urban Airship
Private Corporation
Founded 2009
Founder Steven Osborn, Scott Kveton, Adam Lowry, Michael Richardson
Headquarters Portland, Oregon
Products Advertisements, Analytics
Website www.urbanairship.com

Urban Airship is an American company that provides a mobile engagement platform and digital wallet solution.


In 2009, Urban Airship was founded by Steven Osborn, Scott Kveton, Adam Lowry, and Michael Richardson. The company received $1.1 million in Series A funding in February 2010,[1] and then received $5.4 million in Series B funding in November of the same year.[2] On November 5, 2011 Urban Airship received $15.1 million in Series C funding from Salesforce.com, Intel, and Verizon, among others.[3]

In 2011, Urban Airship acquired SimpleGeo on October 31, 2011.[4] SimpleGeo developed toolsets allowing developers to more easily create location aware mobile applications and had partnered with Urban Airship for an integrated solution shortly before their acquisition. Urban Airship discontinued SimpleGeo services on March 31, 2012.[5][6]

In December 2012, Urban Airship acquired Tello, another True Ventures-backed startup. Urban Airship acquired Tello in an all-stock deal in order to integrate PassTools, Tello's Apple Passbook management product, into its current offering.[7]

On February 6, 2013 the company announced additional funding of $25 million from Foundry Group, Intel Capital, True Ventures and Verizon.[8] In October 2014 the company announced another $12.1 million in Series D funding from existing investors.[9] In February of that year the company picked up an additional $9 million in venture funding, bringing total funding to $67.6 million.[10]

In July 2014, Scott Kveton stepped down as CEO. In October of that same year Brett Caine was hired as CEO. Caine was previously the president of Citrix Online.[11]


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