Urchadh mac Murchadh

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Urchadh mac Murchadh (died 943) was King of Maigh Seóla.


Urchadh is one of the earliest attested kings of Uí Briúin Seóla, whose rulers also seem to have exercised some authority over Iar Connacht. His dynasty, the Muintir Murchada, took their name from his father, Murchadh mac Maenach. The Ó Flaithbertaigh family would later claim him as an ancestor.


Urchadh had an elder brother called Urumhain or Earca.

In addition to his son and successor, Donnchadh, he had three known daughters who achieved notable marriages - Bé Binn inion Urchadh; Creassa inion Urchadh; Caineach inion Urchadh

Preceded by
Cléirchén mac Murchadh
King of Maigh Seóla
Succeeded by
Donnchadh mac Urchadh

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