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Ure may refer to:

As a surname of Scottish origin:

  • Alan Ure, English football manager
  • Alexander Ure, 1st Baron Strathclyde (1853–1928), Scottish politician and judge
  • Andrew Ure, (1778–1857), Scottish doctor, scholar and chemist
  • Annie Ure (1893–1976), curator of Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology, wife of Percy Ure
  • Gudrun Ure (born 1926), Scottish actress
  • Ian Ure (born 1939), Scottish footballer
  • Jean Ure (born 1943), English children's author
  • Joan Ure, pen name of Elizabeth Clark (1918–1978), English-Scottish poet and playwright
  • Sir John Ure (diplomat) (born 1931), British diplomat (retired) and writer
  • Mary Ure (1933–1975), Scottish actress
  • Midge Ure (born 1953), Scottish musician
  • Percy Ure (1879–1950), British classics professor, founder of Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology, husband of Annie Ure
  • William Ure (1913–2001), Canadian politician

URE may refer to:

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