Useful Music

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Useful Music
JoshJoplin Useful.jpg
Studio album by Josh Joplin Band
Released May 25, 1999
Recorded Orphan Studios and Southern Living At Its Finest, Atlanta, GA
NG Studios, New York City, NY
New Reflections, Nashville, TN
Chicky World, Austin, TX
Genre Folk rock, Americana
Label SMG, Artemis
Producer Shawn Mullins
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Useful Music
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Useful Music
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Singles from Useful Music
  1. "Camera One"
    Released: February 6, 2001
  2. "Gravity"
    Released: June 19, 2001
  3. "I've Changed"
    Released: December 11, 2001

Useful Music is a studio album initially released in May 1999 under the SMG Records label by Josh Joplin Band, and again in January 2001 through Artemis Records after the band had renamed itself Josh Joplin Group following a change in its line-up. While the album did not enjoy widespread commercial success, it peaked at #22 on the Billboard Independent Albums chart and spawned a moderate hit with its first single, "Camera One", which quickly reached #1 on the Triple A airplay chart, the highest position ever achieved by an independent release at that point (February 2001). Featuring a more rock-edged, radio-friendly sound than most of the other material on Useful Music, the song was also featured in an episode of the comedy series Scrubs (season 1, episode 7, "My Super Ego").

Track listing[edit]

Original release (1999)[edit]

All songs written by Josh Joplin.

Track Title Producer Engineer Mixer Mastering Length
1 "Matter" Jerry Harrison Karl Derfler Tom Lord-Alge Ted Jensen 4:13
2 "Gravity" Shawn Mullins Russ Fowler, Alex Lowe Phil Nicolo Greg Calbi 3:04
3 "Here I Am" Rob Gal, Mullins Fowler Matt Chiaravalle Calbi 4:18
4 "Far Away" Mullins Fowler Fowler Calbi 2:54
5 "Undone" Mullins Fowler Nicolo Calbi 4:09
6 "I've Changed" Mullins Fowler Nicolo Calbi 4:13
7 "Trailways" Mullins Fowler Chiaravalle Calbi 3:59
8 "Who's Afraid of Thomas Wolfe?" Mullins Fowler Fowler Calbi 4:01
9 "Phil Ochs" Allan Broyles, Josh Joplin Charles “Chicky” Reeves Fowler Calbi 3:12
10 "Superstar" Mullins Fowler Chiaravalle Calbi 3:33
11 "Human" Mullins Fowler Fowler Calbi 4:25
12 "Dutch Wonderland" Mullins Fowler Fowler Calbi 3:54

Re-release (2001)[edit]

All credits are the same as the original release except where noted.

  1. "Matter"
  2. "Gravity"
  3. "Here I Am"
  4. "Undone"
  5. "Camera One" - 4:33
    • Producer: Jerry Harrison
    • Engineer: Karl Derfler
    • Mixer: Tom Lord-Alge
    • Mastering: Ted Jensen
  6. "I've Changed"
  7. "Trailways"
  8. "Who's Afraid of Thomas Wolfe?"
  9. "Phil Ochs"
  10. "Superstar"
  11. "Human"
  12. "Dutch Wonderland"
  13. "I've Changed (alternate version)" - 4:21
    • Producer: Peter Collins
    • Engineer: F. Reid Shippen
    • Mastering: Greg Calbi

Album credits[edit]



  • John Bentham - photography
  • Chris Bilheimer - art direction
  • Allen Broyles - producer ("Phil Ochs")
  • Greg Calbi - mastering (all tracks except "Matter" and "Camera One")
  • Matt Chiaravalle - mixer ("Here I Am", "Trailways", and "Superstar")
  • Peter Collins - producer ("I've Changed (alternate version)")
  • Karl Derfler - engineer ("Matter" and "Camera One")
  • Russ Fowler - engineer (all tracks except "Matter", "Camera One", and "I've Changed (alternate version)"), mixer ("Far Away", "Phil Ochs", "Who's Afraid of Thomas Wolfe?", "Human", and "Dutch Wonderland")
  • Daniel Glass - executive producer
  • Jerry Harrison - producer ("Matter" and "Camera One")
  • J. Reid Hunter - legal
  • Ted Jensen - mastering ("Matter" and "Camera One")
  • Josh Joplin - producer ("Phil Ochs")
  • Matt Lively - illustration
  • Tom Lord-Alge - mixer ("Matter" and "Camera One")
  • Alex Lowe - engineer ("Gravity")
  • Shawn Mullins - producer (all tracks except "Matter", "Phil Ochs", "Camera One", and "I've Changed (alternate version)")
  • Phil Nicolo - mixer ("Gravity," "Undone," and "I've Changed")
  • Charles “Chicky” Reeves - engineer ("Phil Ochs")
  • Anthony J. Resta - drum and keyboard programmer
  • F. Reid Shippen - engineer ("I've Changed (alternate version)")


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