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Konnichiwa im -Chiyo-Mihama- a Freshmen High School Student. My knowledge is very slightly above standard. Meaning I'll probably make few to no spelling mistakes. I am very interested in Japan, I am currently learing the language over a two month program that I will be taking for two years in the summer. One of my biggests intrests has to be anime which I would be bored to death without it, although there is the exception of video games. One of my favorite video game sereies is the Super Smash Bros franchise. I belong to a number of websites I go by Kiba-Hinata on deviantART, ItatchiWeasal on youtube, and ItachiWeasal on crunchyroll. Despite my name is based off of one of the six main protagonists (which are all girls) in azumanga daioh I am a guy. I chose my name because Chiyo is my favorite charecter from my favorite anime and there really is no male charecters in that show except for Kimura. I love my friends Osaka(ayumu), Tomo, Yomi(kyomi), Miss Sakaki, Kagura and Kaorin. There's more people but i cant be bothered saying all of their names. I love my pet dog, Mr Tadakitchi!! Thank You!!!! ^-^

My Favorite Anime's[edit]

I watch a lot of anime so I have a fair amount of favorites.

Azumanga Daioh
Best Student Council
Fruits Basket
Animal Yokocho

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