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i ⌣ t ⌣ v This user is from East Anglia and watches ITV Anglia.
Television.svg This user has a television set.
DT This user has a Digital television set, or tuner box, to receive Digital terrestrial television, such as DVB, ISDB, or ATSC.
Free This user's TV service provider is Freeview.
£ This user knows the first rule of the con: you can never cheat an honest man.
d'oh! This user thinks The Simpsons is simply...excellent.
SM This users favourite film of all time was first shown (in America) on 27th July '07; SIMPSONS MOVIE!
VWORP This user is a Doctor Who fan.
BBC1 This user watches BBC1 and thinks they should have more regional programmes!

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These are still a work in progress.

Sunriseubx.gif This user enjoys the sunrise

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