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My Computers[edit]

I have a lot of different computers. my main computer is a Dell XPS 700, and my main laptop is a Dell Inspiron 700m. I also have a few retro computers such as an Apple II GS (circa 1987), and a Compaq CDS 520 (circa 1994) (With a 486/66 MHz CPU and 64 MB RAM (Used to be 12 MB) and a 10GB HDD (Used to be 1/2 GB)). Many of the computers I have were broken or obsolete computers that I repaired or upgraded. I got the 486 on big trash day from my neighbors who were throwing it out, but said I could keep it. I got the Apple II at a local Salvation Army store, and I got both Dells online (From They would not sell me a Dell laptop without Windoze, so i bought a Dell with Windoze and deleted it and installed Slackware Linux. (I used to run Windoze on my old computer, but it crashed every other week (No, I am not exaggerating, It is that bad.). I replaced it with Slackware and it has never crashed since.) The Dell desktop was available without any operating system, which is good for those who prefer to choose their own. It did however come with FreeDos (not installed, on a CD-ROM), which is good for playing retro games or using extremely old programs. Unfortunately, the place where I get computer parts recently went out of business, and it was the only local place I knew of that carried parts for old computers (PII or older).

My Case Mod[edit]

I am currently in the process of designing a hybrid between a stereo system and a computer. I got the stereo at Goodwill. It was completely broken, full of dust, had the smell of pot, and had a homemade Phish label on the left speaker. I gutted it and reused the parts in various projects. The motherboard, PSU, and various other parts will be pulled from a mini HP computer, and the hard drive will be from my mom's old computer. It will feature a built-in cassette adapter (stored in the stereo's cassette deck), possibly a built-in monitor, and possibly a built-in amplifier and speakers.

Music I Listen To[edit]

I listen to Green Day, R.E.M., Spinal Tap (Turn it up to eleven!!), The Nubile Thangs, and many other bands. I don't like Green Day's newer work because since American Idiot they have "sold out". R.E.M.'s Automatic For The People is great, as is The Nubile Thangs' extremely rare album Kill Bootie, which has been out of print for years because they lost the masters.