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Rowe Productions is a Christian record label. It was founded by Mortification vocalist Steve Rowe. The label mainly focuses on thrash/unblack metal artists.

Current Artists[edit]

Former Artists[edit]

  • 16 Stitch (Active, currently unsigned)
  • Fearscape (Active, with Bombworks Records)
  • Gnashing of Teeth (Active, currently unsigned)
  • Grave Forsaken (Active, with Soundmass Records)
  • Lament (Active, with Bombworks Records)
  • LightForce (Disbanded; members went on to form Mortification)
  • Metanoia (Disbanded; members went on to form the band Sheep)
  • Psycoma (Disbanded)
  • Scourged Flesh (Active, with Soundmass Records)
  • Teramaze (Active, with Jellyfish Records)
  • Ultimatum (Active, with Retroactive Records)

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