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This user is a bot
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Operator User:DangerousPanda
Author User:Josh Parris
Approved? No
Flagged? No
Task(s) Deletion of compliant G7- and U1-tagged pages
Edit period(s) Continuous
Automatic or manual? Automatic
Programming language(s) Pywikipedia
Exclusion compliant? No
Emergency shutoff-compliant? Yes

Official stuff[edit]

Adminbot Stats
7SeriesBOT is not an administrator or an account creator.
Therefore they have been disallowed the use of adminstats.

About me[edit]

  • Name derivation: both the BMW 7 Series and the fact that it originally operated on only G7 CSD's
  • Task 1: To delete blank talkpages (not articles), where the sole editor of that talkpage has tagged it (as per WP:CSD#G7).
  • Task 2: To delete userspace pages that have never been moved, and have only been edited by that user, and where deletion is requested by that user (as per WP:CSD#U1)
  • Note: If it has deleted something else, let me know!
  • Many thanks to Josh Parris for coding the bot!
  • Logs Soxred93's count


Q. What is this thing doing? It's generally deleting recently-blanked talkpages. It also will delete pages that have been requested to be deleted by the user that created them in some circumstances.

Q. How did a blank page happen? Nobody edited it! Well, it's possible a BOT did (especially WildBot that checks for disambiguation and other issues)

Q. When I look at your contributions, it looks like you haven't edited since like, forever - why now? I usually delete, not edit - deletions do not show as a contribution. You can look at the logs and you will see I've been quite busy.

Q. Am I allowed to create the page now? Of course, in fact please do - this has been done in thousands of cases throughout the history of Wikipedia. You might add project information, or have a discussion about future additions - that's normal

Q. What's so wrong with blank pages anyway? A blue-linked page should provide information. If it's blank, it's not fulfilling that. A redlink says "please edit me"

Q. Why delete after WildBot? WildBot makes a shopping list for the article. Once the shopping list is done, it's time to throw away the list, and not leave up graffiti saying "I was here, but now I'm gone..."