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A Brief Summary of Me[edit]

I'm an apolitical equalist with anarchist tendencies that happens to be a Christian Punk.

What that DOES NOT mean is that I'm ignorant about politics, enjoy jumping off bridges and blowing up buildings in my spare time, beat people to a pulp with the Bible, or hate every living being (see Nihilism).

What this DOES mean is that I don't care who's running this country or any other country. Unless that person is somehow me and someone neglected to tell me. In that case I hereby grant all power and authority given to me to the vice president and resign from office. I have never voted and never intend to. I take a logical approach to sociopolitical issues (IF all men are created equal THEN racism is wrong). My sociopolitical beliefs are based upon the fact that everyone is born and should remain, FREE and EQUAL. Music is central to my life. I practice and support both direct action and the DIY ethic. If someone I know needs food, I'd rather go out, buy food, and give it to them rather than donating to a charity and hoping they'll do it for me. Sometimes my words and actions contradict the "social norms" or even the laws of the United States of America. For example, if a male hits me, I will hit him back. If a female hits me, I will hit her back.

If I'm not offending anyone then I'm probably doing something wrong. -AKStraightedge

What I'm doing on Wikipedia[edit]

I have a keen interest (and some degree of knowledge) in music, especially punk and all things related. I'm anal-retentive about sub genres of music because there are differences that distinguish the types of music I like from the types of music I don't like (Death Metal vs. Glam Metal "heavy metal" may describe both of them, but they're quite different). That said, I'm not a genre warrior. I realize I am not always right. Because of (not in spite of) my personal beliefs, I love and support Wikipedia and the NPOV policy, because everyone is entitled to their opinions... even if they're wrong. :) So yeah. After years of reading Wikipedia, I've finally decided to contribute.

What I'm currently working on[edit]

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