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Coordinates: 50°26′41″N 30°27′02″E / 50.4447°N 30.4506°E / 50.4447; 30.4506

Infopulse Ukraine LLC
Limited liability company
Industry Information technologys
Founded Kiev, Ukraine (February 1992 (1992-02))[1]
Founder Aleksey Sigov and Andrey Anissimov
Headquarters Kiev, Ukraine
Area served
Products Software development, Implementation, [Information technology management, IT Consulting
Number of employees
700 (2011, approximately)[1]

Infopulse Ukraine LLC, commonly known as Infopulse, is a Ukrainian software development and IT outsourcing company headquartered in Kiev, Ukraine. According to the organization's website as of 2011, Infopulse has approximately 700 staff, delivering software development and testing, development of mobile applications and software, systems implementation and integration, IT infrastructure management and consulting services. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]


The beginning[edit]

Infopulse headquarters in Kiev, Ukraine

End of 1980s — the students of USSR universities had the opportunity to work on their own business projects and a group of the students from the Automatic programming systems department of Kyiv Institute of Civil Engineering started to perform business programming.

May, 1991 — Aleksey Sigov and Andrey Anissimov established Display Land, a private company that was involved in development of computer-based monitoring systems for fire stations in Kyiv, Moscow, and other cities of the former USSR.

February, 1992 — the management of Display Land signed its first contract with a French company. At that period the company provided outstaffing services.

Offshore activity[edit]

By 1996 the company employed a team of specialists with experience of participation in foreign software development projects. The company then won the World Bank tender on development of the internal information system for the Kyiv tax administration.

Summer 1997 — the number of IT professionals in the company already amounted to 40 employees, so new opportunities opened up for the company in the business solutions development area.

1999 — the beginning of a partnership with Infopulse, the Netherlands. The Ukrainian team gets access to the western market of IT services.

2000 was marked by a new contract with Kyriba Corporation, France, which was the leader in the European IT market[6]. The partnership provided the company with stable annual turnover and staff growth by 30-35%.

2002 — the “Dot-com bubble” situation on the American stock market affected Infopulse Ukraine, as well as other IT companies throughout the world. The main objective effort of Infopulse at that hard time was to keep the team.

2003 — the long-term partnership with Infopulse, the Netherlands, had come to an end, due to its acquisition by Cognizant, USA.

April 2004 — the company was certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2000[7].

Partnership with EDB[edit]

2006 — Infopulse’s management made a decision to search for a foreign partner and diversify the corporate income.

September 2006 — the management of the company carried on negotiations with nine potential partners, two of which, Bull Corporation (France), and EDB (Scandinavia), were chosen for final consideration. EDB came out with the most competitive offer that implied common development of new business lines, in addition to typical capital investment.

September 2007 — 60.1% of Infopulse shares were announced to have been bought by EDB[8]. Infopulse was introduced into the Scandinavian IT market and involved in IT projects for large banks, insurance and transport companies in Northern Europe.[9] [10] [11]

March 2009 —Infopulse Ukraine employed more than 600 employees and had over 200 projects in its portfolio.

October 2010 – Infopulse Ukraine has become a part of one of the leading Nordic IT companies EDB ErgoGroup ASA with about 10,000 employees and annual turnover approaching NOK 13 billion.[12] [13]


Infopulse offers a range of services in high tech sphere. Its main activities are:

  • Software development and testing
  • Development of mobile applications and software
  • Systems implementation and integration
  • IT infrastructure management
  • Consulting

Infopulse serves clients in banking and finance, telecommunications, government, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing and other industries and subcategories[1][2]. Most of its customers are located in Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Russia and the USA.[14] [3] [15]

Quality management system[edit]

SGS S.A. has certified the Quality Management System of Infopulse Ukraine as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001[16].

Training center[edit]

The company welcomes its employees’ efforts in self-education to raise their professional skills. While organizing special professional events and competence centers meetings and education program in its own Training Center[17], Infopulse gives an opportunity for employees to share their experience and knowledge.

Corporate social responsibility[edit]

In July 2010, EDB and Infopulse jointly have started a new CSR project supporting Down syndrome children in Ukraine[18]. The main goal of this three-year project is delivering the best information resources, advice, good education services and support to improve the lives of the estimated 10,000 people living with Down syndrome across Ukraine[19]. Infopulse staff has provided advice and local expertise throughout the project planning process and its specialists have developed a new website for the Ukrainian Down Syndrome Organization[20].


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