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ÑĔGŬMBÓ is the school situated in Omusati region,Onaanda,Namibia. It has opened by Dr. Sam Nuujoma in 1999 and that time it was called Negumbo high school. Its slogan is ‘always committed’ and it is really a secondary school nowadays. Negumbo SSS was named after the grand Negumbo Lyakandenge (the tate who had his field at Onaanda where Negumbo SSS is built). Mr. I. Alugongo is the principal of Negumbo.

Negumbo SSS is called sometimes ‘The best for all’ that it is usually obtaining trophies in most cases, either in soccer, basketball, clubs, singing, or in school records academically. Yearly each and every teacher is likely to grinning because she/he knows already that he/she would get a trophy for being a best teacher either in the region or even in the country according to her/his subject performance. Negumbo is also usually obtaining trophies for being a healthiest school.

There is only one field of study namely SCIENCE. Negumbo has 2 hostels (boys and ladies), 1 dining hall and 5 grades only (grade 8-12). Computer lab is also there for the learners to improve their knowledge and school records as well.

Every grade 7 learner wants to go to Negumbo that there is better education there. reference HAUTEMO -- (talk) 13:43, 27 March 2013 (UTC) 2007 grade 8 learners started a legacy that no one who was present at the school at that time would ever forget. they wewe very commited in their work. they maintained their great perfomance till their last year 2011. most of them are now at the university of technology(poly) , UNAM and NIMT. many great teachers got promoted to other schools to higher positions during their ERA(2007 G8s) hahaha. ==GmailWikipedia , negumbo records book, students from Negumbo.