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I am pretty busy IRL (Studies), but am still checking Wikipedia often. Leave a message

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Articles I created[edit]

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Article Class Date
Charles Guth Did You Know? C 18 March 2009
Worth syndrome Stub 20 March 2009
Lerotholi Stub 28 March 2009
Hypodermyasis Stub 28 March 2009
Joshua Milne Stub 29 March 2009
Jonathan Petersen Stub 1 April 2009
Crome syndrome Stub 2 April 2009
Scleredema Start 18 May 2009
Waldmann disease Did You Know? Start 11 June 2009
Hirtz compass Did You Know? Start 7 April 2010
1900 English beer poisoning Start 19 February 2018

Significant contributions[edit]