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This user was born at our house in Musundire Village, 9km south of Chatsworth, Zimbabwe, and delivered by his grandmother. The nearest hospital on that day was 58 km away in Masvingo City. At age 6 he went to Marongere Primary School 6 km from his house. The daily walk for seven primary school years, through the paths along the farmlands to and from school, was healthy for all the children. The quality of teaching was outstanding. Marongere is simply the best school on earth.

He believes Primary schools are the best way to introduce education to children. He was hooked to education by his primary school so much he stayed in education for a further 17 years after he left his primary school.

He would like to know something about Wikipedia, however small. He has so much information about the area he was born and would like to share it. He speaks Shona, some Ndebele, a bit of Silapalapa (getting extinct in Zimbabwe) and a bit of English. He writes Shona, and some English.

He is a specialist in bee breeding, youth training and market gardening, and thinks education is the main tool for poverty reduction. Other hobies include motor cycling, cycling and microlighting. Read more on his blog He is a trustee of H.E.L.P. International (Children’s charity) and also a trustee of Hibiscus , ( a charity concerned with the welfare of elderly people)

This user is a Christian, married with three children.