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About me[edit]

My user name is a combination of my initials (ACN) and my home state of Texas (TX).

I live in Lancaster, a Dallas suburb located in the southern portion of Dallas County. Lancaster is part of the "Best Southwest" region, which also includes the neighboring cities of Cedar Hill, DeSoto, and Duncanville.

My Wiki History[edit]

On September 3, 2004, I made my first contribution to Wikipedia as an anonymous user. I officially became a Wikipedian on September 14, 2004 and began regularly contributing in January 2005. At first, my focus was primarily African election-related. I then expanded to writing biographies of African politicians, creating location/administrative division maps for African countries, and making national leader chronology tables. On occasion, I did similar work for areas outside of Africa. While remaining an African article editor, I branched out even more in mid-2006 by creating base articles for most of the school districts in Texas.

In January 2007, I began categorizing U.S. county seats and completing incomplete articles containing U.S. demographic data. I returned to creating school district articles soon after, this time for Mississippi. I focused on a wide range of Mississippi-related topics during mid-2007. Towards the end of that year, my focus shifted to U.S. Metropolitan and Micropolitan areas, which continued throughout 2008.

A majority of my contributions made during the past year have either dealt with maintaining my earlier-created articles or organizing and properly categorizing U.S. city pages, especially those communities that are part of a Metropolitan or Micropolitan area. I have also enjoyed creating articles on newly incorporated places as well as unincorporated places with interesting histories.

My Works[edit]

The following two sections contain articles that I have either created or significantly contributed to that are, in my personal opinion, some of my best works on Wikipedia.

Articles I've created[edit]

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Significant contributions[edit]

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