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Age: 29
Sex: No thanks! Male
Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, England
Occupation: Engineer
Status: Unburdened, unsocial, uncut
First anon edit: February 2004
First logged-in edit: September 2004
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About me[edit]

I'm a troubled electronic engineer from sunny Newcastle upon Tyne in North East England. I've been sniffing around Wikipedia for quite a while, doing the odd bit of tidying up here and there, and thought it was high time I got myself a "proper" account. So... here I am.

I suppose I'd class myself as an inclusionist. True, there are some articles which have little merit beyond vanity or purely personal interest - but once you go beyond that, there's clearly a large grey area before you get to subjects that the likes of Britannica would consider notable. I personally think Wikipedia should cover as much of this grey area as possible.

Anyway, that's me! I hope I can make a worthwhile contribution to Wikipedia in the long run, and in the meantime I'll try not to frighten the horses or upset the apple cart too much! AdorableRuffian 23:04, 27 Sep 2004 (UTC)


I've been here for three years now, and sadly, a number of developments over the years have made Wikipedia a less fun place to be, especially for less established and less prolific editors. Policy and guideline documents have mushroomed, causing instruction creep, and many editors are spending more time deleting articles than creating them. Moreover, I've noticed an increasing amount of mistrust towards new and anon editors, who are frequently assumed to be sockpuppets or vandals.

I still enjoy contributing to Wikipedia - there's nothing I like more than writing and editing articles about subjects that interest me. However, I feel the community as a whole should make more of an effort to welcome and assimilate new users, and maybe apply the KISS principle to the plethora of guidelines and policies.

I'm still an inclusionist, and intend to keep that grey flag flying for as long as possible! AdorableRuffian 22:17, 11 February 2007 (UTC)

Personal essays[edit]

(Coming soon)


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