User:Aegis Maelstrom

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                                    net name: Aegis
                                 net surname: Maelstrom
                                  profession: alter ego
                                         age: who cares? 
                                   education: severally graduate
                                   interests: zillions o' them      
                               peculiarities: has some.

Wikimedian since November 2004. Here mainly as an IP, sorry. Edition No. race is just not for me. =) Nevertheless I log in here from time to time as some circumstances proved me that some Wikimedians are unable to treat all other users equally and editcount does matter.

Project administrator on Polish Wiki and there I am logged in most often. You can meet me as well on Commons or Meta.

Have a nice day!


Btw - if someone asked, my Point of View :)[edit]

Well, there are numerous tests and the results vary constantly and depending on my self-portrait:) a rule of a thumb is:

  • Existentialist, materialist, postmodernist;
  • Antiauthoritarian and open-minded;
  • Liberal in social and economic terms, American left-of-the-middle though.

Hope it helps. =)