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My name is Alexious Fiero. I'm focusing on helping to bring more content related to topics and areas I have interests in to Wikipedia! While technology is an area of focus, I also contribute content and have interest in improving content related to underrepresented communities.

I started contributing to Wikipedia in 2004 anonymously, then made an account in 2012. I'm originally from New York City, and I currently live in Atlanta, G.A. where I serve as an associate for GA Tech and I am currently an Internet TV Evangelist.

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A few other facts about me:

I have written several patents in the areas of Internet Broadcasting, Search Commercial Advertising and other areas pertaining to Internet video and related technology. I am a published author in the area of broadcast technology, software architect, engineer of broadcast related software, designer of complex networks.

So what else do I do when I'm not volunteering on Wikipedia?[edit]

Inventing, developing, designing, dancing, road cycling, mountain biking, motorcycle riding, driving, traveling, exploring, wondering, questioning....