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Caidé mar atá tú? / Howya?![edit]

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I am an Irish wikipedian and a native of County Donegal. I am currently a postgraduate at NUI Maynooth; the university where I completed my undergraduate degree.

My interests are varied, from quantum mechanics to Gaelic Football! I have mostly contributed to articles on local Irish topics and the Physical Sciences. I am also interested in the dramatic arts and English Literature despite being dyslexic.

I am currently cleaning-up articles associated with Donegal and anything else that catches my eye. I would like to do more but my so-called "real" work gets in the way.

Even though I'm a naturally lazy person, any more laid back and I'd be in a coma, if I do start something I tend to be a bit obsessive. All or nothing!

Picture of my place of work as drawn by Hans Vredeman de Vries in 1595.

If anyone has any questions please leave me a message. I'll be happy to help you in all the sciences. I've never done biology as an academic subject but I have had some informal training!