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I am an evolutionary biologist with a background in Zoology and Entomology. Originally from Libya and living in the Netherlands for a few years now, I studied evolution at the University of Amsterdam and earned recently a Master of Science in Systematics and Evolutionary Biology.


Being rather encyclophilic, my interests include a wide range of topics, many of which are in areas totally unrelated to my academic background (like History, Geography, Astronomy, Linguistics, Philosophy, Mathematics...). In my field of study I am most interested in Cladistics as an approach and in Insects as a group, especially Bees and other Hymenoptera.


Digital Photography, Internet & Computing, Graphic Design.


Where I lived or stayed for a while: Tripoli and Benghazi Libya; Amsterdam and the Hague in the Netherlands; Brussels, Belgium; Malta.

Wikipedian Stances[edit]

  • Hierarchism:

This is about the different dichotomies of conflicting philosophies described here: meta:Conflicting Wikipedia philosophies. I would describe myself as a Hierarchist. A Hierarchism-vs-Egalitarianism dichotomy is not yet listed in the meta link above. However I proposed adding it and gave a short description of both Hierarchism and Egalitarianism, which you can find here: meta:Talk:Conflicting Wikipedia philosophies#New dichotomy: Egalitarianism vs Hierarchism. Being a Hierarchist, basically means I am in favour of a system of hierarchy based on fair merits which imposes some regulatory restrictions on new editors until their good intentions and expertise become established to any extent. Apart from that I can not make generalizations and say that I am usually Inclusionist or Deletionist or Mergist...etc, but please do not call that Delusionism.

  • Categorism:

Not so optimistic about the chances of success of the current system of categories as a reliable and effective system. More details on Meta and also here.