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"albamuth" is a misspelling of "albemuth" from the Philip K. Dick novel Radio Free Albemuth

Though it was a misspelling, the user decided to keep it for purposes of identity.


YIM AIM (can you guess my user name on those?)


The moniker was created in 1998 when joining the Yahoo Internet Club The Anarchist Commune. Since then, User:albamuth has posted on Zmag Forums, slashdot, plastic, Infoshop, and various other forums.

Albamuth is the founder of two sourceforge projects: Totality and Electronic Fair Currency, both of which have fallen into neglect.

The person has appeared as "Albamuth" for a few real-world events, most notably the Permanent Autonomous Zone Conference in 2001 in Louisville, hosting workshops on "Shadow Economies" and "Alternative Currency Systems".

Professional Background[edit]

Biases and Influences[edit]

Acknowledging bias is the key to differentiating beliefs from ideas. Here's some ideas I like:

And here are some things I don't like: