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How to win friends and influence me[edit]

One of the largest problems in Wikipedia today is the negatively or aggressively viewed comments that I'm seeing left on here when an IP address posts an update to an article. Some IP users do take the time to ask why their post was reverted, only to be met with "the update doesn't cut it", sometimes profanity is used, and it's just a poor way to get someone to contribute.

I started off on the wrong foot when I first began editing in Wikipedia (the comments are STILL listed at the start of my talk section, and I'll NEVER remove it, due to the fact that I want to convey to others that "I" made mistakes at the beginning, and "I" learned from them.

If you don't want to meet a contributor half way and take the time to explain "why" or "how" the article is written, take a step away from the computer, and catch your breath. Yeah, mistakes are made and will need to be corrected. BUT, it's just an article. You don't "own" it, so you're not really losing anything, and trust me...raising you blood pressure and blowing off your steam is counter-productive and against the policies and rules of this site. I've watched reviewers, patrollers, and even admins be guilty of losing it from time to time. Losing your cool only feeds a fire, and is counter-productive. Can I hear an amen, here?


Born, and mostly raised in the Western New York State area, Darrin has gathered knowlege in a variety of subjects, mainly in the public transportation infrastructure of Western New York and the State of New York in General.

Darrin finds himself travelling for fun, and has recently visited New York City (for the first and second time), Chicago (for the first time) and other regional cities.

Recently transplanted back into the City of Buffalo from Darien Center NY, Darrin plans to get more involved with photography and will occasionally be found in or near the Delaware District or Allentown District taking in all the city has to offer.

Professionally, Darrin works at the University at Buffalo in Buffalo, NY in support services for the School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. Additionally, he works part-time with a major parking management agency near Downtown Buffalo.

Current Projects (created by me, noted with CREATOR)[edit]

In addition, I may add or update information on various transit agencies from Toronto, all the way to New York City. The agencies can include:

---and others!