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Hello, I'm a really new Wikipedia contributor (but an absolutely voracious Wikipedia reader). Mostly, I find things on Wikipedia that interest me, and if the things that don't interest me don't have pages or have errors, I devote a small amount of time to fixing them.

Current Topic Projects[edit]

I've recently contributed to the W.E.B. Griffin page. My first solo contribution was a page on his Honor Bound series, a World War II thriller series focusing on OSS operations in Argentina. My next forecasted project is on the Presidential Agent series, which is a contemporary counterterrorism and military thriller series.


I most often read Wiki entries on musicians, current events, places of interest, authors and their books, historical events, comic books and characters, movies, and such.

Wow, this isn't much of a user page.[edit]

No, it's not, as I said, I'm a brand new contributor, still learning Wiki markup and making lots of typos (I usually do about five proofreadings of each contribution and still miss stuff). I welcome comments, talk, and suggestions, especially from hoary old silverbacks who have been on Wikipedia for a few days more than I have.

Thanks for checking out my userpage.