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This is my personal index subpage for the research aspect of what I call "the Ma-Yi project." The actual content is in links to be found in the "Sub Subpages" section. First though, the "this page section" explains what all this material is doing on a user page. The "Ma-Yi" section explains in detail what Ma-yi is.

This Page[edit]

I suppose I have some explaining to do, as my usage of my user profile may seem rather unusual. Quickly summed up, I am using it as a repository of information I hope to upload to main articles. I am doing this because I am currently doing research on a broad range of topics, namely Pre-colonial Philippine (Luzon) Culture, and I want to develop the content properly before I upload the material to the main page.

This is totally allowable usage of a Wikipedia:User page. And I quote:

If you need more pages, you can create subpages. More or less, you can have anything here that you might have on your user or user talk page.


* A work in progress, until it is ready to be released (this is typically not necessary, though some people do this)

Sub subpages[edit]

That said, some organizational notes:

I've designed this subpage to approach the Prehispanic Luzon culture from several points of view. Each has now been given its own subpage, to facilitate editing.

The first is by looking at actual recorded observations of Prehispanic Luzon /Philippine Prehistory

The second is through Myth. /Philippine Myth

The third is anthropological, looking at what the everyday life of a resident of Prehispanic Luzon would have been like /Anthropological

The fourth approach is by looking at current practices of Filipino Indigenous Peoples /Philippine Indigenous Peoples

At the end of the article, I've added a list of Prehispanic Tagalog names. Since the list is not yet substantial, I intend to let it grow here first before I create a new article for it.


If you've looked at my main page, you'll know I'm a writer. Ma-yi is a series of stories I'm developing, set in 9th Century Philippines. It is meant to be an exploration of the Philippine identity, and his place in the world, by exploring the historical roots of his culture.

To keep the story's setting and characterization realistic, I have to do a lot of research on the cultural milleu prevalent during the time my story is set in. This is problematic, as there is very little material about that period of Philippine History. Thus the need for bringing together a lot of references before I can write in the main wiki entries concerned. Thus the need for the personal sub subpages contained herein.

Indigenous Tagalog Names List[edit]

(with rough translations and popular examples)
Gat is an honorific title

  • Gat Pandan - Named after the Pandanus amaryllifolius, a leaf often used in cooking
  • Gat Tali-an (Gatchalian) - "To Tie" (personal theory debunked by sources)
from the Malolos, Bulacan wiki: "According to Blair and Robertson, the name "Li-han" or "Li Han" was the ancient Chinese name for Malolos, whose leaders bore the title of "Gat-Salihan" or Gatchalian (derived from "Gat sa Li-Han"). It was in 1225 that a "Li Han in the country of Mai" was mentioned in the account of Chao Ju Kua titled Chu-Fan-Chi.[1]"
  • Gat Dula - "Play" Lakandula (personal theory debunked by sources)
from the Rajah Lakan Dula wiki: Lakan Dula (Kapampangan lakan "lord" and dula "palace")[2] was the Malayan title for monarchs in Tondo.
  • Dimaculangan
  • Dimaunahan
  • Dimapilis
  • Dimacali

(Discussions about additions to this list moved to User_talk:Alternativity#Indigenous_Tagalog_Names_List)

  1. ^ The Philippine Islands, 1493–1898, by Emma Helen Blair and James A. Robertson, Manila, 1903–1909
  2. ^ Aurelio Tolentino