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Alvas (short for alvations) is a geek with a hint of linguistics, dabbling in philosophy. Occam's razor is his rule of thumb and sometimes he wanders into his Truman's land or his Norwegian Wood.

Currently, alvas is working on translation (human and machine) in the Translation Technology Group at the Sprachwissenschaften sowie Übersetzen und Dolmetschen department @ Universität des Saarlandes. Previously, alvas was a linguistics graduate student in Bond lab @ NTU (ミニオンはいつまでたってもミニオン). In his linguistics pursuit, he would love to work with his mother tongue, Hokkien. Meanwhile he's trying to let computers understand and produce human language and spreading Awesomeness.

Here's some things that alvas does on wikipedia:

Here's a peek on where i live in Singapore...

Toa Payoh Lor 8 NTU Hall 9

*blink *blink... no one sees this line ^_^, for those who did, good for you.