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Amakobe's objective: To tell African stories from our perspective[edit]

Wikipedia has acknowledged the existence of Systemic Bias on topics about Africa and Africans. Amakobes intention is to address this bias as much as possible - especially on topics about East Africa: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda & Burundi. To tell stories from the Africa perspective.

About Amakobe[edit]


David F Amakobe is a businessman, blogger and societal commentetor. He is Married. Has has grown kids. He was born in Kenya worked and did business in Africa before migrating to the USA. He runs a trade development company and writes his views and opinions at .


Amakobe was born in Africa ( East Africa) Kenya and lived there for many years. He migrated to the USA He has a good appreciation of the East African history and various East African cultures - which helps him to evaluate Wikipedia articles from both a African and western point of view.

Active Projects[edit]

  1. Kenya's war for independence
  2. Reuben Sechele Nyangweso
  3. Kenya
  4. History of Kenya
  5. Dini Ya Msambwa
  6. Luhya people