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A Quote from Shanti Parva
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Help with references[edit]

SoleteRayosÑajo.gif Welcome, you may ping me for references, I have access to mylibrary British Council(E-Books), Safari Books Online - ACM, Questia, De Gruyter, Oxford Biography, Project MUSE and 100 years of archive of Prabuddha Bharata, Vedanta Kesari. I have an exemplary collection of Hindi literature and Indian comics as well, feel free to approach me! Thank you.

On civility and wikihounding[edit]

Lightbulb.png If you have opinions about the contributions others have made, feel free to discuss those contributions on any relevant talk page. But if you have opinions about other contributors as people, they don't belong there – or frankly, anywhere on Wikipedia. Often, people will stoop to insult and will try to and ensure the other is punished for his/her mistakes. This is counter-productive and vindictive; there is no place for this on Wikipedia.

If you are wikihounding, you are grooming a habit and you should introspect if you want to nurture such a habit? None should walk away for the fear of harassment.


A Wikipedian sees an edit from a friend who hasn't been around for a while, and pings him with the words "I heard you died!" The friend replies at once "Well, you can see I'm still alive." The Wikipedian replies "Yes, but the place that told me you were dead was a more Reliable Source than you."

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barnstars... thank you wikipedia!

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