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Amy M Amy W Rule!
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Name Sam
Born (1996-03-23)March 23, 1996
Current location United Kingdom
Education and employment
Occupation Student
Education Year 7
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Religion Catholic

My Favourite Websites[edit]

1,What is it (The Clue is right infront of U)

2,u can watch it on the tube

3,She says it again and shes having youre babies

4,u cant handle her and she loves konichiwa bitches

5,its every chart in the world


Itunes/Ipod top 20 most played[edit]

Song Artist
1 1 "This Is the Life" Amy Macdonald
2 1 "Poison Prince" Amy Macdonald
3 3 "Other Side of the World" KT Tunstall
4 1 "Friday Night" Lily Allen
5 3 "Suddenly I See" KT Tunstall
6 2 "Pumpkin Soup" Kate Nash
7 2 "Saving My Face" KT Tunstall
8 8 "Run" Amy Macdonald
9 2 "L.A." Amy Macdonald
10 2 "Shame For You" Lily Allen
11 5 "Hold On" KT Tunstall
12 7 "Change" Sugababes
13 13 "Piece of Me" Britney Spears
14 8 "Mr. Rock and Roll" Amy Macdonald
15 15 "Ring Ring" Mika
16 11 "Radar" Britney Spears
17 12 "Funny Man" KT Tunstall
18 10 "Knock 'Em Out" Lily Allen
19 18 Heartbeat Scouting for Girls
20 18 "Play" Kate Nash

Other notable chart positions in my Top 250[edit]

Song Artist
50 22 "Love Today" Mika
100 59 "Mouthwash" Amy Macdonald
150 101 "Get Naked (I Got A Plan)" Britney Spears
200 200 "Fascination" Alphabeat
250 22 "Umbrella" Rihanna

Fav Songs[edit]

Make You Feel My Love by Adele

Carry You Home by James Blunt

Everythings Just Wonderfull by Lily Allen

Tears Dry on Their Own by Amy Winehouse

Freakshow by Britney Spears

Never Gonna Dance Again by Sugababes

Another Place to Fall by KT Tunstall

Say (All I Need) by OneRepublic

Because the Night by Cascada

Disturbia by Rihanna

Give It 2 Me by Madonna

Voodoo Child by Rogue Traders

Save the Lies by Gabriella Cilmi

Happy Ending by Mika

All Good Things (Come to an End) by Nelly Furtado

Merry Happy by Kate Nash

Whole Lotta History by Girls Aloud

Pirate Bones by Natasha Bedingfeild