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Tony Buzan's 1994 tabulation of the 25 greatest geniuses of all time (by GS)
(Paraphrased from Tony Buzan) Geniuses are pivotal figures in our consciousness. People like Leonardo da Vinci and Isaac Newton come to represent and define genius in our minds. It is the geniuses who invent things and expand our understanding, knowledge and abundance; who shape the world in which we live. Steadfast in their refusal to live a mediocre life, geniuses plunge into their chosen field(s); their creativity, brilliance, and innovation leave indelible marks on the world.
Tony Buzan's 2005 tabulation of the 25 greatest geniuses of all time (by IQ)
In IQs, a Buzan IQ is an IQ assigned by Englishmen accelerated learning expert Tony Buzan and grand chess master and literature scholar Raymond Keene, as found in their 2005 Book of Mental World Records, in which they attempt to rank the hundred greatest geniuses of all-time using an eight category, 835-point, scoring methodology, assigning IQs to each genius along the way.
My ongoing tabulation of the most accomplished individuals of all time
In 1994, Buzan and Keene's attempt to list the world's greatest geniuses was an ambitious undertaking; while their work remains a useful resource, their rankings are now found by some to be outdated. Buzan's lists appear on my page partly because they are difficult to find elsewhere, and because they remain a starting point for studies of geniuses. My own ongoing list below aims simply to reflect which individuals this user believes accomplished the most through their work. To clarify, my opinion on the stand-alone merits of each figure's works is the only factor; they are not ranked by influence (and if this were the case, the rankings would of course be wildly different). At this point, the list features mostly artists. My strongest interests are film and literature, but in truth I am interested in all geniuses throughout history. I plan to update the list monthly as my knowledge base becomes greater.
Also, I list them simply as the figures I consider the "most accomplished" because a ranking of them as the most intelligent people would assume that life outcome is the indicator of intelligence, a wildly unfair viewpoint. We cannot read the minds of others, and there may be certain great observations that the human race never receives from them (because such ideas were never physically recorded, and/or because such people lacked the means to have such ideas shared on a wide scale). Also, while IQ tests are quite reliable and have been established as strong predictors of life outcomes thought of as requiring intelligence, their ability to measure all aspects of intelligence has understandably been a subject of debate. Concerning the list, under each's name is either what I consider his/her masterpiece or an underrated work (it is intentionally not revealed which), unless such a listing is not applicable. For all individuals without CC/PD pictures on Wikimedia Commons, there is simply a photograph of something pertaining to their field(s) of excellence.
My alphabetical listing of the 21st century's great minds