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Feel free to expand and/or improve this - that's one reason it's here. But make sure it's an improvement. Even (or perhaps especially) if this proposal is to be rejected, it should be the best we can make it, not a parody, so that rejection can be as beneficial to Wikipedia as possible. If you wish to express views on whether or not it's a good idea, the talk page is the place for that.

In some particular subject areas, systematic names are preferred for article names even where unambiguous common names exist.

These article names are exceptions to the normal Wikipedia policy as expressed in Wikipedia:naming conventions and Wikipedia:Naming conventions (use English). While Wikipedia policy normally favours article names based on current English usage even where this conflicts to the recommendations of any authority, in these subject areas a decision has been made to adopt the naming recommended by a specific authority.

In order for such exceptions to be made, several criteria must normally be met:

  • The topic area is nominated by the members of a related, active WikiProject, who have achieved a strong consensus among themselves and have undertaken to administer the affected article names in accordance with Wikipedia policy.
  • There is an authoritative source that can be used to determine these article names.
  • The use of this authority to decide article names in this specific topic area is approved by a rough consensus of Wikipedians generally.

Specific topic areas where this policy has been considered[edit]



Under consideration[edit]

This may include topic areas previously rejected if new active discussion is underway

Adopted in practice, but undocumented[edit]

This includes topic areas where discussion, particularly on WP:RM but possibly also in other forums, has led to one or more consensus decisions that represent preferring an authoritative standard over English usage.