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Hello. My name is AppleDapple11, and I am a fan of Warriors. I am interested in improving the Warrior series articles. Maybe the thing that annoys me is the "She's also great grandmother to (cat, cat, cat), who's great-great grandmother to (cat, cat, cat)" and so on. I don't think anyone will really care about second cousins either, and the word "is" was invented for a reason (yes it was, I am very sure). But please don't criticize me. That's my opinion.

In my real life I play trumpet (any brass is good, but I am not good at string), and I am pretty smart. I have friends, but I'm not sure they like me back. I also love to sing. But only in a chorus. I love animals and one day I hope to save them.

The Warrior character I would most likely be is Firestar, if you were wondering.



Warriors (I bet you didn't know THAT!) Spartan Quest Percy Jackson & The Olympians ...way more.


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Opinions on Warrior characters[edit]

Leafpool - She deserves to suffer. Squirrelflight - See: Leafpool. Hollyleaf - You all hate her, but she is 100% PURE AWESOME Jayfeather - Who doesn't like Jayfeather?! He is GREAT. Lionblaze - Get revenge and finish Heathertail off :P Onestar - He is just scary. Sharpclaw - PURE GREATNESS! Mudclaw/STAR! - Who cares if you are dangerous you should still be leader! Littlecloud - He is adorable! :D Darkstripe - He should be quiet and get a life. Graystripe - MUNCH MUNCH :) Brambleclaw - Go away Squirrelflight! Ashfur - Believe it or not I have no opinion on him >:P Blackstar - Awesome, but I hated him as a rogue; he killed Stonefur! :( Mistyfoot - Bluestar will be proud of her when she gets to be leader of RiverClan :D