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Welcome to Arjun's userpage

Previously known as Seadog.M.S

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Wikipedia Administrator.svg This user is a former administrator on the English Wikipedia (verify) whose administrator rights were suspended due to inactivity.

About me

I am a college student and I am located somewhere in the United States. I like to run and I do cross country and track for my school. I am attending IUPUI in the fall.


I am an editor and in the sysop group on Wikipedia. I have been on the site since September of 2006 and an admin since February of 2007. My work tends to be more focused on janitorial tasks such as Vandal fighting, CSD monitoring and just basic cleanup wherever needed. In the future I would like to add more visual content to articles and become more of an editor. My email is, feel free to email any requests or questions. I am willing to look into any requests needed and will try to be of the greatest help that I can provide.

You can also get a hold of me on the IRC channels, in particular #wikipedia. I'm free to answer any questions and potentially look into any cases that need administrator assistance. My nick on there is "wiki_arjun" or something of that sort.

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