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Duplicate period examples and counterexamples[edit]

The double period bug occurs because Category:Citation templates such as Template:Cite web and Template:Cite book, but for some reason not Template:Citation itself, add periods after many of their parameters. If that parameter has wrongly been ended with a period, usually because of an abbreviation, then the template may add a duplicate period. At present about 45,000 Wikipedia articles have this problem, placing it among Wikipedia's most frequent typos. There's more analysis at Template talk:Cite web/Archive 6#Double period bug.

Search for ".." to make the examples stand out. For instance, the first reference ends with duplicate periods, and the second has duplicate periods after "1890". For some obscure reason, a few examples that look like ".." can't be found by searching for "..". I have so many examples to help my WP:AWB software learn to distinguish when to remove a period and when to leave it alone; AWB reads the code you can see on the edit page, not what you see here.