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To celebrate the art of the miniature
and to honour those creative Wikipedians
who build uniquely transcendent and delightful signatures
from the subtle and whimsical to the outrageously genre-breaking
I am the curator of
A Wikipedian Signature Art Gallery and Beyond

Earth Western Hemisphere transparent background.png
This Wikipedian
supports wikiquette
and civility / NPA policy.
This collaborator
values third opinions
and occasionally provides one.
WikipediaSignpostIcon.svg This woman
subscribes to
The Wikipedia Signpost.
(UTC) This timestamper prefers to use
Coordinated Universal Time
on international projects.
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Athaenara has been identified as
an Awesome Wikipedian and
twice awarded her own day.
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This editor has written 9 articles
which have appeared in
the Did you know? feature.
California Golden Bears logo.svg
This straight
is a UC Berkeley graduate
with a B.A. in Ethnic Studies.
This genius paid Mensa dues
1986–2001 and cherishes
the annual invitations to rejoin.
USA Flag Map.svg
This American was
born in Washington DC
and lives in San Francisco.
Pi pie2.jpg
This former math major
shares her birthday
with Albert Einstein.
Athaenara has been identified
as a WikiHero.
This user has 6.7 centijimbos.

Civilization is high maintenance. (1994)
I am a tiny violet-flavoured nuisance. (1997)
One needs to cultivate a high tolerance for ambiguity. (1990)
I know the difference between Ganymede and Runnymede. (2000)
A straight line is an arc on the circumference of a circle of infinite radius. (1986)

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