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About my Wiki-self
Hey there! I am Aua and I have been here since 2007. Wikipedia is a fun and very collaborative place, and I'd like to help keep it that way.

About my real-self
All I can tell you about myself is that I'm currently a medical student, that crimson runs in my blood, and that I'm from the true North, strong and free.

About my interests
Lots of things get me excited about editing: educational institutions, science, or history of science.

What have I created around here?
Well, So far I have more than 6 K's of contributions (6000 contributions), including more than 1.7K of main space edits (Verify).

I have 7 DYKs and significantly contributed to (and also nominated) 2 good articles:
1. Symbol question.svgSymbol support vote.svg Green marketing
2. Symbol support vote.svgCscr-candidate.svg Apple

Here is a sample of some articles I wrote from scratch around here:
1. 05/01/2008 Super Comedy (later merged)
2. 05/01/2008 Baby When the Light
3. 29/07/2008 Symbol question.svg SWEAT (hypothesis)
4. 29/07/2008 SWEAT (DAB)
5. 30/07/2008 CBS Mobile
6. 31/07/2008 Yaw axis (later merged into Aircraft principal axes)
7. 31/07/2008 Symbol question.svg Panemone
8. 01/08/2008 Acid radical
9. 02/08/2008 Cutoff voltage
10.06/08/2008 Aeolian landform
11.14/08/2008 Symbol question.svgGA candidate.svg Photorejuvenation

And some articles more recently:
12. Andrew Berry
13. Mubarak port
14. Thomas Schwarz
15. Abdul Jabbar Abdullah
16. Jafar Dhia Jafar
17. Dalla Lana School of Public Health

Some templates I created:
1. 18/02/2008 Template:WPIraq_Sidebar
2. 21/02/2008 Template:Iraq_Barnstar_2
3. 25/02/2008 Template:Baghdad-stub
4. 28/02/2008 Template:Kosovo_Barnstar
5. 18/02/2008 *My very own welcome template!

And a category I created:
1. 25/02/2008 Category:Baghdad_stubs