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I'm a college student with interests in birds, dinosaurs, and all other kinds of wildlife! I create images for dinosaur articles and related content, as well as edit and contribute mainly to articles about birds and dinosaurs.

restoration project statuses
to do in progress/under review finished
lots of Oviraptoridae and Troodontidae species Saichania Archaeornithomimus Ouranosaurus
Citipati Ambopteryx Buriolestes Pinacosaurus
Variraptor (on hold) Eolambia Saurornithoides
Khaan Epidendrosaurus Xuanhanosaurus
Hadrosaurus Yixianosaurus
article project statuses
to do what to do finished
vulturine parrot expand - add more info, pictures, etc.
all Forpus sp. continue to expand and add to
Odobenidae create pages for redlink species
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articles I've contributed to[edit]