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Aunt Bee 09, or AuntBee09, is a the screen name of a person only known as "Travis."

YouTube Account[edit]

Travis started a YouTube account July 03, 2006. The web address is:

Early on, he posted a number of videos, which he has now made "private," for undisclosed reasons. He soon became interesting in videotaping the news in Bellevue, WA after a police scanner came into his possession. He stopped video taping the news in February of 2008 for personal reasons.

Geocities Account[edit]

He made a website in the winter of 2008. The web address is:

On that website, people can find his videos, pictures, and an FAQ page.

GooglePages Account[edit]

Travis switched from Geocities to GooglePages in April of 2008. The new address was

Wikipedia Account[edit]

Travis became a member of Wikipedia to educate others with some of the knowledge he has, which some would argue is not much :)

Contact Aunt Bee 09[edit]

Travis prefers people NOT to contact him if it is about questions/interests regarding his content, because he receives emails from all over the world every week and responding to them can take some time. However, with that said, if you must contact him, he does not mind too much . . . his email is


Travis has an account at, MySpace, and Google. Do NOT ask to be his friend on MySpace because: one, he uses Myspace very rarely and, two, he only allows people he knows in person to be his friends. Also, Travis rarely uses his Google account (including his "gmail," so please do not try to contact him that way).

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