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Ridiculous model pose for the Wikimedia store! Pic by Matthew Roth.

Hi, I'm Siko! I like to write articles and do a little copy editing here and there.

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Some of my interests include
  • Arabic language and culture
  • Middle East history, 10th to 21st C
  • Cross-cultural comparative methodologies (everything from parenting to politics)
  • Social history and especially culinary history
  • Translation and localization
  • Cultural biographies, and just people in general
Articles I'd like to get around to working on
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When I'm not editing as a volunteer with this account, you might find me hanging out with the awesome people at the WP:Teahouse, or at work at the Wikimedia Foundation where I head up Individual Engagement Grants. I can be reached at my staff account as Sbouterse (WMF) or on my meta talk page.

(By the way: This user name, Seeeko, represents my personal account. That is, all edits that I make under this user name are made only in my individual, personal capacity as a volunteer or otherwise regular member of the community. When I use this user name, I am never acting as an employee, representative, or agent of the Wikimedia Foundation)