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Welcome to my user page.

I wish to make it exlpicitly clear that I am the same person as Thryduulf, created solely to ensure I have a work-safe account, although also now use it when training.

To this end any comments on my talk page that may fall foul of any work-safe rule that may be in place at my workplace will likely be moved to Thryduulf's talk page with apropriate context added.

You will likely not see many edits from me, and I wont be logging in very often. To this end if you have non-urgent messages then I am more likely to see them at Thryduulf's talk page than here, unless of course I am currently loged in on this account.

I will do my best not to vote more than once on anything, but if I inadvertently do, I appologise in advance. Please disregard the earlier of the two votes, whichever that may be.

Most contributions, but not necessary all, I make are public domain. Please check Thryduulf's page for details.

Awkward42 02:58, 19 Jan 2005 (UTC)

I've been asked what I mean by a "work-safe" account. At my workplace there are regulations regarding accessing "inapropriate" content on the internet as part of the fair use policy that allows us to use the internet for non-work activities. Although Wikipedia in itself is not inapropriate by any means, some articles may not be, for example articles on pornography, peadophilia, politics (I work in the UK Civil Service), etc. It is possible that my using work's network to access or contribute to such articles may contravene these regulations. I do not have the same restrictions on my personal internet connection at home, and do not wish to be subject to them outside of work. For this reason I have created Awkward42 as a secondary user, from which I will not access or contribute to possibly inapropriate articles, leaving me free to use Thryduulf to edit without restriction. As of 24 January 2005 there has been no problem, but I am prepared for an eventuality where it becomes one. Thryduulf 02:29, 24 Jan 2005 (UTC)