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About Backburner001[edit]

In the WikiWorld[edit]

I have been actively contributing to Wikipedia since December 2005, although I’ve had my account registered since March 2005. Currently, my contributions are focused on the following: the creation of stubs, requesting citations for newly added info, reversion of vandalism, the expansion of articles (my focus is on four in particular right now: Emergency management, Dispatcher, Fire investigation, and St. Edward High School (Lakewood, Ohio)), and active involvement in WikiProjects that catch my eye.

I realize that there may be times when one of my edits conflicts with that of another editor. Furthermore, there may be times when I will demand that your edit (or your reversion of my edit) be defended. All I ask is that you please treat me in a civil manner and not take my persistence personally. My intent is not to attack other editors; it is to increase the quality of the encyclopedia. To that end, I intend to defend my edits against what I perceive to be unfounded changes and to question other edits that I believe decrease the quality of the encyclopedia. I encourage other editors to do the same.

For a quick look at the Wikipedia articles I have edited, click on this link (but know that this link is probably outdated).


  • Edit articles for attention to detail, clarity, and organization
  • Tag unclear, poorly organized, and unreferenced articles
  • Enforce conformity to WP:NPOV, WP:CITE, and WP:MoS
  • Removal of WP:SPAM and WP:WEASEL words
  • Remove and challenge unencyclopedic content
  • Create stubs and encourage their development
  • Offer suggestions on how to expand content to others
  • Merge similar content from multiple articles into one when possible
  • Replace good content previously removed


Project Contributions[edit]

  • WikiProject Ohio:
    • Added {{OH-Project}} to 64 article talk pages
    • Created 2 Ohio-related stubs for expansion
    • Created {{User WikiProject OH}} user template
  • WikiProject Disaster Management:
    • Added {{Disaster management}} to 2 article talk pages
    • Assisted in creating a basic framework for improving future disaster/emergency management articles

WikiProject Memberships
WikiProject Disaster Management | WikiProject Ohio
Articles / Stubs Created
ACDT (computers) | ACHDS (computers) | Dispatcher | Fire investigation | Fire protection | Flood Control Act of 1934 | International Association of Arson Investigators | International Association of Emergency Managers | National Association of Fire Investigators | National Flood Insurance Act of 1968 | Prozac Nation (film) | St. Augustine Academy (Lakewood, Ohio) | St. Joseph Academy (Cleveland, Ohio) | Swensons | The Art of Intrusion
Significant Contributions & Articles Monitored
Emergency management | Fart | Hiram College | St. Edward High School (Lakewood, Ohio)
Wikipedia Community Activity
RfA: Axiomm - Buchanan-Hermit - Foxearth - Natalya - RadioKirk 2 | AfD: Cock block (2nd nom) - Friend zone - Indian Folklore - Ladder theory - Nice guy syndrome | TfD: Inclusion-Section & Exclusion-Section Templates | Template Proposals: Relevance Template