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hu Ennek a szerkesztőnek magyar az anyanyelve.
de-3 Dieser Benutzer hat sehr gute Deutschkenntnisse.
en-3 This user can contribute with an advanced level of the English language.
nl-1 Deze gebruiker bezit beginnende kennis van het Nederlands.
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My main interests are anime,RP,fantasy,finance and accounting. You can send me an e-mail using this link: Drop me a line

Something important: I don't like people, who puncs (that's a hungarian slang), and talebearers.

Wikipe-tan head.png This user is an inactive participant of WikiProject Anime and Manga.

♂ This user is male.

Crystal 128 kuser.png This user uses Windows Live Messenger and his/her email address is ask for it ^^.

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