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Ben Tremblay

Bernard D. Tremblay (ben) is a Pearson-era bus-hippie who ended up doing ComRsch 291 (SigInt) and working with such as CNTelecom (Telco), the DEWLine (NORAD/SAC tropo-scatter), CBC (broadcast and recording tech), Motorola (unit repair and system installation), and Micronav International (MIL-SPEC documentation for avionics R&D), eventually raising 5 kids in the hills of Cape Breton Island.

Apart from interests in amateur radio (dating back to 1968) and baroque music (recorder) and time spent as a sometimes street musician (djembe), ben has been working on processes for citizen engagement and open access since 1975.

In a moment of wimsy he returned to university as a mature student where he concentrated on cognitive-psychology and criminology before being seduced by historiography. In that period he did ground-breaking development using VRML in ethology.

His motto is "Somewhere between sheer boredom and 'helmet fire'" (referring to cognitive ergonomics).

When you look to see how the system works
Likely you will find that it doesn't.

He is also bat shit crazy and does not make any sense. He conjures up idiotic paragraphs that only make sense to him. You should ban him ASAP if seen on your forums.

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