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A Bit of Me[edit]

Hullo. I currently reside in the United States (and probably will till I die), and I like almost any kinds of rock other than emo rock and soft rock, the latter of which is not rock.

I'm comfortable with my faith without going overboard (no youth groups for me, thank you, I'm not going to Hell anytime soon), and am almost always open to discussion on almost any topic. I can defend my points rather well, and I enjoy political/philosophical discussions.

I would never use IM-type jargon, and leetspeek makes me laugh... unless you are really on things like AOL Instant Messenger a lot, in which case you are excused. Just do me a favor and keep it on AIM please. Here's a list of words or phrases that I'd never use even at gunpoint:

    • lol (THE NUMBER ONE most overused three-letter sequence in Internet history)
    • jk (THE NUMBER TWO most overused letter sequence in Internet history)(coincidentally, that also makes it the number one most overused two-letter sequence in Internet history)
    • asl
    • ttyl
    • lmfao

I'm also engaged in trying to shorten the names of everyone I talk to online to three letters; hence mls, crs, and lrn for Melissa, Christina, and Lauren. However, I'm not sure if I should leave four-letter names alone or change them too (example: lisa/lsa?). It's all in the sound mechanics: if you have a name like Melissa, then you can put an 'm', an 'l', and an 's' together and they sound like "Melis." However, with a name like Charlie, what three letters sound like the name? Tell me what you think (especially about the three/four quandary), and then do me a favor and start using it. Try it out, at least.

I think that's just about it... Oh yeah, and my old freshman Spanish teacher scares me. A lot. But I talk to him regularly, because he's pretty awesome. I can honestly say that I look death in the face every day. Tough school.

I'm currently in a fairly demanding US History class (i.e. I hate this man with an all-consuming passion), and so I rely on Wikipedia pretty heavily. I am immeasurably thankful for all that past and present editors have done, and signed up as a Wikipedian so that I could give something back. And, seeing as I have lists of literally hundreds of people, places, and things in the curriculum that others will need to get to next year, I have a decent list to go through until I find ones that Wikipedia doesn't have. (By the way, having your own website as an article? That's pretty cheesy, Wikipedia! haha, just kidding)

And finally, I'm currently enamored with userboxes. However, funnily enough, I'm still not sure what half of the things mean when making them... I leave those parts alone for now. A little help would be appreciated, though. If anyone wants any that I've come up with, then by all means, go ahead and copy 'em.


I can read music pretty fluently and am decent on the piano. I especially like playing classical music, but oddly enough, my real love is rock. A list of bands and musicians I like:

There are probably others that I forgot, but oh well.

List of Major Contributions[edit]

Well, there are no more right now... "the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement"... haha

My To-Do List[edit]

Here's a list of articles that are on my list for expanding... any help appreciated: