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...Though he has tried to retire in the past and failed miserably, thus confirming that he is indeed a Wikipedia addict, and that he is tired. This user is somewhat active on Wikipedia, and tries to limit his activities to a small range of pages and mostly non-contentious discussions. There may be periods in which the user is not active due to life issues, but sometimes not even then.

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LE-ndis usa has 4gon da use of gramer and spaling sinse b4 i wuz borned nd has no intenshun 2 eva start uzin it,
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Communism killed 100,000,000 people and all I got was this lousy userbox.
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New WP Slogans

(Note: The following comments may contain sarcasm. Or they may not.)

New, more accurate slogans for WP
  • Wikipedia – the Encyclopedia anyone can vandalize!
  • Wikipedia - Where content isn't important, but donating to the Foundation is!
  • Wikipedia – the social networking site with lots of info!
  • English Wikipedia – Where the guidelines are optional if you're not fluent in English!
  • Wikipedia, where some of the world's dumbest morons spend all their time reverting unbelievably stupid vandalism by the world's greatest minds!
  • Wikipedia - We make herding cats seem super-easy!
  • Wikipedia - you don't have to be crazy to edit here, but it helps!
  • Wikipedia - the world's largest free online babysitting service for babies of all ages.
  • Wikipedia is best edited while sober!
  • Wikipedia - where non-native speakers of English come to lecture on English grammar, and explain to native speakers why bad English grammar is really good grammar, and good English grammar is bad grammar.
  • Wikipedia - you'll never underestimate the stupidity of humanity again!
  • Wikipedia - where you can watch teenagers claim they're not children, and the watch them prove by their own behavior that they still are children!
  • Wikipedia - Where the smart come to learn more, and the stupid come to let the world know how stupid they truly are.

Miscellaneous comments

  • "Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That's what we're doing."[1]

This needs to be amended to add "the partial sum of all knowledge", as Wikipedia purposely excludes local-only knowledge.
  • Yes, Wikipedia is the encyclopedia that anyone can edit. However, it is highly advisable to actually read the article carefully before making any edits. A perennial example is found here, where a user makes an incorrect change to a description because they didn't bother to read the linked article for comprehension. Reading for understanding and comprehension is a lost art in our cultures today. People read words, not sentences and paragraphs, and react emotionally to those words without trying to understand the context of those words. Many of these people read/speak English as another language, so that's partly understandable, but so many are native English speakers.
  • The "old editors are leaving so let's get new editors" approach to editor turnover/retention has always baffled me. If the bucket is leaking, shouldn't we try to find out why it's leaking first? Simply pouring in more water without trying to locate and patch the leak just wastes water. Unless of course the water leaking out is the "wrong" kind of water, and you're putting in the "right" kind of water to replace it. But that still doesn't fix the leak, and you keep losing water.
  • Sometimes it helps to read an article and source more carefully before posting a note on a talk page, or even in an article, declaring that Wikipedia has made a mistake. This isn't to say we don't make genuine mistakes, as I've caught, and made, many mistakes myself. But rather than declaring that Wikipedia has made a mistake, ask if it's a mistake, leaving open the possibility that you might be wrong.
  • I'm getting to the point where all I do on Wikipedia is fix minor mistakes, as trying to fix major ones is too much of a hassle. Quite frankly, most new users, many of them incompetent students of one sort or another, seem to think of Wikipedia as another type of Facebook, a view the Foundation seems to be in no hurry to change, mistaking quantity of editors for quality. Given that the Foundation thinks so little of our efforts, that is what it will get from me from now on- little effort.
  • I'm honestly coming to the point where I believe Wikipedia long ceased merely being an encyclopedia, and that WP:N should just be scrapped. WP:V is always worth fighting for, as that keeps away lawsuits, among other things. However, I just don't think we'll ever put the strict notability genie back in the bottle. It wastes too much time better spent on improving content itself. At the least, Notability should be expanded to include local notability. I'm not certain Wikipedia will ever be globally recognized as a serious encyclopedia, so we should stop trying to make it one. Expanding beyond simply being an encyclopedia will increase Wikipedia's popularity, and make it a go-to source for all kinds of information one would never find in a "scholarly" encyclopedia, which, honestly, is what it already is. No, I'm not suggesting Wikipedia become just another Wikia fansite host, but there's a lot of information out there that could be on Wikipedia.

And Now, Something Completely Different

Fractured Proverbs, Sayings, and Famous lines

These are early drafts of proverbs and sayings, or those that otherwise didn't make the cut:

  1. "Don't change horses mid-stream, as you might drop the diaper in the water."
  2. "I stink, therefore I spam."
  3. "Oh what a tangled bed we leave, when first we practice to conceive."
  4. "A rolling moss gathers no stones."
  5. "Sometimes you bare the ghits, sometimes the ghits bare you."
  6. "Those who live in stone houses should not throw glass."
  7. "Two behinds stink alike."
  8. "We put our business in other people's noses."[2]
  9. "A witch in lime saves twine."
  10. "You can't seed the forest for the fees."

My Observations on Various Proverbs and Sayings

  • Cats really don't have nine lives, but they eat enough food for nine lifetimes.

Options for a new username

  1. User:I registered on Wikipedia, and all I got was this lousy username.


  1. ^ "Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales Responds". (Interview, Q&A). SlashdotMedia. July 28, 2004. Retrieved October 3, 2017. Wikipedia is an excellent project, and Slashdot readers' questions for Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales were just as excellent -- as are Jimmy Wales' answers to 12 of the highest-moderated questions you submitted.
  2. ^ This line was actually used as by an aviation radar company in a print ad in the 1980s, along with a photo of an airliner's nose.

Annotated photos

This space for rent
"Row, row, row your plane...."
A T-6 Texan II and a T-6 Texan, too! Yes, Texas is big enough to have two planes named after it.
A C-141 participates in Operation Deep Freeze in Antarctica, as uniformed officers of the Pt. Murdo Constabulary Force stand guard.
A baby Boeing with its mother
A very large windvane!
An Israeli Air Force AH-64D Apache Longbow (Saraf). In Israel, the AH-64 is the second leading cause of terrorist deaths, after suicide.