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/sandbox /sanbox2

interest links[edit]

  1. ask for help etc.
  2. Table building
  3. infobox building
  4. premade tables

works in progress/ideas[edit]

Create a list of elementals by type and name/source
make a list of sentient weapons,haunted,magic,cyborg/android,robot,biological,realworld ai

blah blah blah yada yada yada-(psyche lvl) imprint,selective,conscious,motivated,coercive,autonomous (genre/origen) scifi,fantasy,anime/cartoon/manga/comics,myth/legend/theology,video game (ex) phantasm bladeorbs,the krull glaive,Atma&Omega,#5,Gort probably as some type of table (paramiters)must be an artifice of deliberate creation for that intent as a weapon.